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you can find reviews of our work HEREHERE and by reading below:

LaurenandScott_BrideandGroom_01LAUREN & SCOTT:You two are professionally and interpersonally incomparable. Scott and I felt an instant connection to your both at our first meeting. You are kind, creative, funny, and talented, and you exude warmth and love. You were the perfect photographers, both because you are both a joy to be around and are both incredibly and undeniably talented.

Elaine, you were a saving grace on our wedding day. I thought photographers were responsible for just taking pictures. You, however, gracefully and tactfully handled inclement weather situations and difficult family members. You untangled a snagged bracelet from my wedding dress, gently reminded me to take off an elastic hair band from my wrist, and fixed my smudged eye makeup. You became an integral and irreplaceable part of our day, and it was like hanging out with an old friend who just happened to be capturing our most important moments on film. Mike, you effortlessly and seamlessly fit in with the groomsmen while they got ready. The pictures you took were both authentic and meaningful. And ditto for feeling like an old friend.

Embarrassingly enough, a year after our wedding, we literally have empty frames hanging on our walls because we cannot decide on which photographs to frame. There are too many good ones, which is absolutely the best problem to have. Thank you, a million times over, for being so exceedingly talented and wonderful.

PinkandBlueKeyWestWedding_14CANDACE & ELLIOT: Where do I begin? Elaine and her hubby Mike are very talented photographers!Elaine communicated with me through the whole process of planning which was very reassuring. Both Elaine and Mike captured our special day in such an amazing way. You know a photographer is great when you can look through the photos and it brings tears to your eyes.

On the big day both Elaine and Mike had everyone laughing and having fun including myself and the groom. I cannot say enough excellent things about this couple duo. They are just the greatest and worth every penny!





TropiChicMiamiBeachWedding_004KRISTINA & KYLE: I am so unbelievably glad I chose Elaine Palladino Photography for our wedding. Elaine is more than a photographer, she is a storyteller. Elaine sees things in such a beautiful and unique way, whether it’s a stolen kiss, a sideways glance, or a shared laugh. Those are the memories you want to keep. Not only are they extremely talented, but Elaine and her husband and second shooter Mike are just fun and comfortable to be with, which is so important!






LAURA & SCOTT: Wonder woman Palladino, What you and Mike do is absolutely a talent. You take an ordinary moment and make it extraordinary. That is talent. You take a piece of time and turn it into photographic proof that such a beautiful and perfect moment in fact existed in our lives. These photos are our evidence that for one splash of a shutter click, nobody else in the entire world existed but each other, and you were able to capture it. You guys were able to get us as we naturally are: a little goofy, a little romantic and a whole lot in love. And for that, I will be forever grateful. Thanks again and again.






DEANNA & BRYAN: Words cannot adequately express how blown away my husband and I are with Elaine and her husband, Mike, as photographers, and human beings. Within minutes of our first meeting at a cheese and wine bar by our home, I knew Elaine and Mike were the ones for us. They felt like old friends that we were able to feel completely at ease around. Obviously, that wasn’t the only thing that factored into our decision, their work speaks volumes. It’s fresh and gorgeous, capturing all the emotion and magic that love, engagements and weddings are supposed to be.






ELISE & ALBERTO: There isn’t enough great words in my vocabulary to write about these two. Mike and Elaine Palladino are two of the most incredible people/photographers this world will ever know. My wdding was on July 20th. From the time I started emailing Elaine that I wanted her and Mike to shoot my wedding, they were so responsive. They answered any questions I had with such knowledge of their profession. I had no doubt that my photos would come out amazing, which they most definitely did. They exceeded every expectation I had to the highest degree. I would recommend them to anyone getting married, engagement, first baby pictures or simply if you just wanted an amazing photo of you and your loved ones. Mike and Elaine are so thoughtful in every sense of the word. They have class, and it shows in their work. My wedding would not have been the same if they weren’t there to catch every special moment between Alberto and I. Elaine was so helpful, even as I was getting ready she was there helping me zip up my dress. I was speechless when I saw the photos of my wedding. You simply cannot get quality work like this elsewhere. Awesome job my friends. Bravo. Two thumbs up. The best in the game by far!



LISA & LAMAR: I always joke that three things went absolutely perfectly on our wedding day: the photographers, the bouquet and the husband. Thanks so much for being there…



CHARLENE & JOSH: I’m sitting here trying to find the words to capture my thoughts, but I am truly at a loss. Please magnify and intensify anything that I say by a million to understand how much we love these photos. They are beyond beautiful and beyond special and make me cry the sweetest tears each time I look at them. We really feel blessed to not only know someone as genuine and wonderful as you but also to have an artistic genus capture such precious moments in our lives.


TERESA & JOHN: I have met many people, some of them have become close friends that have claimed to be photographers.  They would classify themselves as artists.  I would look at their photos and wonder where the art is in taking a picture of something that already exists.  Then I met Elaine Palladino.  I was told by my wife to be that she will be doing our engagement and wedding photos.  Great, another ‘artist’ I thought.  Soon after meeting her and her husband Mike I learned the difference between someone taking picture and an artist.  What they do is absorb themselves into your life and record it.  They are unobtrusive and at times I wondered if they were even there.  They allow you to be yourself and let the moment speak for itself.  They also have an uncanny ability to recognize how the texture of a wall is equally important as a smile on your face.  How a fallen flower speaks to the moment as equally as the bride and groom giving a kiss.  They miss nothing.When you get your photos back you will realize that they have not only recorded your moments but they have begun to tell the story of that moment.  Much like a griot that takes on the responsibility of the history of a village, Elaine and Mike Palladino take on the responsibility of telling your story.I am looking forward to my life with my wife.  It will be filled with great events and moments that I will want to share with family and friends.  Taking pictures with a phone or camera will not be an issue.  However when I want a story to be told, I will entrust that to Elaine Palladino Photography.


ELIZABETH & KRISTOPHER: Words cannot describe the amount of joy you have given us through those amazing pictures! We cried and we laughed, you captured every emotion, every moment. We get taken back to that every time we see those pictures, which by the way we’ve seen 3 times in one day already. You and Mike were like part of our family, Mike was like part of the boys, Kris had such a good time with him. Elaine thank you so much for your help on my special day, while getting ready. We are eternally grateful for those wonderful, amazing, fantastic, breathtaking and stunning memories. Need we go on? This note can barely express our thanks!


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